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This EP was the brainchild of Westt Kraven, AKA TheGreenRoom. He produced, sequenced, and titled the tracks. I (MICjordan) simply executed the ideas he set forth. Writing, recording, and mixing took about three full days' work; the entire album was conceived, created, and released in November, 2011.

I chose Thanksgiving Day to release this album as a symbol of my appreciation for my family, friends, and all my fans as well as the Sacramento underground scene and hiphop in general. Enjoy!

This album is dedicated to the memories of Rachel Ellis and Heavy D.

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released November 24, 2011

beats: TheGreenRoom
rhymes: MICjordan

recorded by MICjordan at Metroplex, Sacramento, CA
mixed and mastered by Pete Space at Sound Cap Audio, Sacramento, CA



all rights reserved


MICjordan Sacramento, California

Serving food for thought, salmonella and cyanide pills since 1997. Repping Sacramento, TPR, Tribe of Levi, FreexUvNature, Secret Recipe, Super Smash Bros., TheGreenRoom and Dank Chamber.

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Track Name: 002staycool

In Cali, where I'm from, even the ghetto is beautiful
the sun shines most of the time, and you can grow
oranges, grapes, dates, onions, and avocados
in your yard, chillin on your front porch reading a novel
two hours of driving I'm-in mountains like Colorado
or sampling vintages in Napa, popping bottles
choppin it up with chicks who oughta be models
brainiacs cuz all my knowledge is an awful lot to swallow
I stay in Sac, where it's known for trees, chrome and weed
it's not perfect but for what it's worth it's home for me
sometimes I used to zone out and roam the P
alone, just me, taking mental notes of the folks I'd see
and no, dope fiends, hoes, OGs, nosebleeds, broken homes and dreams
weren't the only things that I was shown so please,
save the pity, just party, out west we stay relaxed
it ain't the hash, creative raps are what make bangin tracks!

And it's cool
even when it's a hundred outside, roll down the window and ride
And it's cool
even when it's June or July and you're sweating, you're fine,
And it's cool
D-Boys on the block who know the spot's hot, but don't stop
like it's cool
and even if it ain't, why hate it though? Just try to make it so


It don't make sense to stay tense
in one of the world's most beautiful vacation destinations
where the skies are blue and the grass is green
or purple, hairy orange, or frosted white, grasp my mean-
ing? It's early, light up the coals, birds are singing
the vegetables are steaming, where's Poor, I heard he's bringing
about 24 cold ones... but with more than eight of us
rolling cones Js and blunts, I'm pretty sure that ain't enough
we got Tyler on the barbecue with Mo
me and NON dropping dominoes on Bru and Dro
acting a fool making stupid jokes 'cause dude's moving slow
to mark my score, as Mutt arrives with Mark from the store
with Ghost holding another case of beer, I'm saying 'bring it here'
as my lady pours a clear glass of water and leaves a smear
of lipstick as she breathes on my ear to kiss it
I slap her ass, I'll be back after we disappear a minute

And it's cool
even when it's a hundred outside, roll down the window and ride
And it's cool
even when it's June or July and you're sweating, you're fine,
And it's cool
DJs with the cuts and chops who just drop HIP HOP
'cause it's cool
and even if it ain't, why hate it though? Just try to make it so
Track Name: 003lostforwords

I was raised off the Bully, Stockton to be exact
right behind Touch'A'Class, I never hustled packs
never wanted much as a kid, just to laugh
wet my hand, rush and slap my oldest brother's back
he rocked a 'do-rag to keep the waves tight,
I'd do homework and play all day, then say goodnight
then lay under the covers with a flashlight and my favorite writers
trying to discern how they gave life to words
up at 6 and off to school, crunching frosty dew on lawns
getting older, moving on from the things that I knew were wrong
that somehow seemed to raise few alarms
among those who seemed amazed at the idea they were doing harm
keeping people low, slinging blow, doing our duty as pawns of bankers,
gangsters with suitcases, two-faces who place us in harm's way
just to laundry their putrid papers
Tea Party, sublimated racist anger
fuckin hate we makin bangers, they don't think broadly
in an age when you're blacklisted if you speak Godly
refusing to demean our art to cheap commodities
but our polity's policy's to convert our populace into property
until products are all we see, that's the Beast's masterpiece
lack of peace is how we know we need freedom now
among these foul deceivers, trying to conceive of how we got to here from there,
I NEED to know if God hears our prayers, so I seek Him out
When I'm lost for words

In this network of bright lights, sound, fury and motion,
how do we direct words to express disturbed notions?
shell casings, vials and syringes collect on curbs
the real thing ain't a building, no disrespect to church,
I'm just contemplating God, doing introspective work
then extroverting, inside out,
hiding out from FBI spies who silence the mouths
whose words empower, murder flowers
who dare to grow through concrete cracks
careful though, when you speak on that
they compare us with terrorists for dropping bombs on these tracks
you know you're like a poltergeist when you flaunt haunting facts
Amityville horror, any man can be killed for-a,
key, what he sees, a man's belief, a damn quarter!
I never ran the streets, just grew up in a family that handled beef
and had a deep insight they passed to me: sankofa, look into the past to see
what the future means, the faces of the ancients through computer screens
using theoretical physics just to shoot at things
we're technologically advanced human beings with brutal dreams
no wonder why what we try's undermined by ruthless schemes
Now we're lost for words
Track Name: 004inductionspeech

freestyle like "is it live or time-delayed?"
cold cuts like a freeze from a line of yay but not coca
make it clap then drop it like it's hot chocha
patois-talking toaster, my selector's selection impresses
inflections stretchin your section, no question
checkin freshmen like red pens,
my perplexing directions stay stressin em
they're too hard to follow like instruction manuals
what's a savage to a fucking cannibal?
a stone-cold animal, not Steve Austin's dog
bloggin with my laptop on my lap while dropping a log
the boss' daughter's hot and bothered, I never bother to call
and she was ready like when you toss pasta on the wall and it stays there
got game like the white man, I don't play fair
my baby face makes ladies stare
but my grey hairs place my years,
Courvoisier and Marnier chased with beer til I'm wasted, tasting tears
wondering if my career's a mistake, debating peers
lumbering through this maze hoping someday the haze will clear
I'm crazy scared 'cause I'm afraid our fate is near
but that's okay 'cause I stay prepared to take it there... yeah
Track Name: 005backtoback

To everyone who ever slept, faked, fronted or hated
anybody who bet against me--guess what? I made it
to the hall of fame fools, don't think I'll let you slide
you're the fuel that ignited the fire I kept inside
fuckers who act like they got my wax, play and love it
with a truckload of crap they're too scared to say in public
but if anything has ever been proved by history
it's that bitches will talk shit soon as they think it's cool to dis me
switching their story, "oh I knew he wasn't nothing"
you wasn't saying that when it was my weed you were puffing
up in the club when I showed love like a friend
now I'M a prick, so why was it MY dick you were suckin
so to speak? Every MC swears they're so unique.
Every freak thinks she sits on a throne and speaks
with the authority of royalty; well, I hate to spoil things
but I'm air tight, so their type of rapper can't foil me

We're the back to back rap champions of Sac
so how will you haters handle that?
We're the back to back rap champions of Sac
wanna flap your gums? run and tattle that
We're the back to back rap champions of Sac
I'm the Sinatra of the black Rat Pack
We're the back to back rap champions of Sac
so for sleeping, all of you saps get slapped

It's sad to me that you think your tracks are slapping when they're sappy,
bad acting craftily grafted to crappy rapping
what's more, when content shows up as a show, the flow sucks
it's so fucked, look junior, petunias never grow nuts
just flowers, your remote's the only time you touch power
you'll be a dust shower once you get crushed to powder
the way you play this game is like you're saying "fuck the founders"
of the culture and artform, corrupting what was ours
it seems like we've run for hours, already gone a hundred miles
you'll be Banned-in the Green Room if you don't come with Styles
feeling Blu, drinking Bru, spazzin like a Crackbaby
talkin 'bout your Burner, that's why you're hella wack maybe
that shit makes me Noshes, fuck jewelry, I'd rather cop a cool Z, vintage make, twistin grapes and tops cruelly]
with no gun, I make the heat glow
give 'em the biz, peeps know, I discipline kids, 'cause like Twiz I'm a Beat Pro


Fuck saying what we've done, 'cause it really ain't shit
but straight up: we make hits, we're favorites, bang this
deranged mix of strange flips of words and insane scripts
in dangerous places, you'd need a noose to hang with us!
We don't get crazy much, but the stuff we say is nuts
Blue Diamond, Sac is like a huge hymen we're finna tear
so of course we got all of you bitches scared,
cuz we're the biggest dicks here, it almost isn't fair
listen, we're in position, I suggest you better get prepared
for limitless pain, so fuck what you're saying if you buttfucked the game
sodomized artists' lives into dishonest lies
fuck what you claim too, it's really about who claims you
call it right, cause the heat won't leave you cauterized
display some gang you bang to 'til the day they bang you
you reprise how your father died while your daughter cries
congratulations, now there's a new synonym for lame: you

Track Name: 006thecity(mycity)
I was born here and raised here,
my mother and my father found their way through the maze here
fell in love and spent their final days here
I gaze years back, to day care, before hard work I played here
learned the world ain't fair but still ain't care,
honestly it was great here, spittin game at the state fair,
I got great grades and went to LA where I tried to get paid fair
had fun but found heartbreak there, after I blew my back up,
found out my pops was sick, so I returned to Sac but
I'd changed, years away in the southern part of the state cleared
my brain, I realized I could find my fate here
fame, around my way they recognize my face and stare
so one day, when I've got my place atop the game with my creative peers
I'll boldly state where I'm from and make it clear that I claim here
the capitol of the peerless State of Cali
and finally make people from the valley proud to say they stay here

the city, my city
the city, my city
the city, my city
it's my city, the city of Sac
(picture that!)

It all started with a man who killed natives and traded slaves
who was the father of a plan to steal papers and take away
land from Mexico, he said he'd protect 'em from Americans
instead he double-crossed 'em, this might have been embarrassin'
if the plans hadn't been derailed by a hold up:
the rivers around his settlement were full of gold dust,
if you'd go up into the hills you'd find the motherlode, what
Johan Sutter could never have planned for was the gold rush
So what? You're probably asking by now,
well, cats are loud about how Sac is cramping their style, but I often ask how
that's possible when the flow is golden
I've seen major acts upstaged and outclassed when the locals open
eliminate implications like modus ponens and you'll know when
you're told real game; well, that's what this vocal's soaked in!
So knowledge this history, 'cause this city authored it
It'll quickly make the politics behind the poems obvious